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Wheels & Rims

Earthmoving Wheels & Rims

All types of Earth moving Rims & Wheels can be manufactured or repaired, in sizes from 8" diameter to 57" diameter to suit any operation, above or below ground.

Our flexible manufacturing facilities enable us to manufacture or repair all types of wheels and rims.

AW&R offers an in-house wheel checking and testing service. All wheels and rims received for testing are cleaned, visually inspected, Blasted, visually inspected again, then Magnetic Particle tested. The results are sent directly to the customer.

All wheels previously tested are retested after repairs or modification.

Thats our guarantee!

Sizes: 8 inches to 57 inches in diameter.


all types of wheels can be re-rimed or re-centred, or manufactured to either replace existing wheels or designed and engineered to suit new equipment.

Divided Split Wheels Single or Dual Wheel Kits
3.00-8" to 5.00-12"

Forklift & Multi-Piece Industrial Wheels Single or Dual Wheels
3 & 4 Piece Rims 3.00-8" to 10.00-25"

Commercial & Passenger Vehicles - ROH Steel Rims

Adelaide Wheel & Rim can supply a comprehensive range of steel wheels and rims suitable for passenger vehicles, trucks, trailers, buses, caravans and light commercial vehicles in black, white, chrome or galvanised finish.


Agricultural & Tractor Wheels & Rims

Our manufacturing facilities enable us to manufacture or repair all types and sizes of wheels and rims.

Adelaide Wheel & Rim manufacture rims and wheels for tractors, implements and light earthmoving equipment such as skid steer and backhoe.

Skid Steer Wheel
4.00 x 12" to 9.75 x 16.5"

Backhoe Wheels
6.00 x 15" to 15" x 28"

Tractor Wheels: weld in centres
Rim sizes from 18" x 35"

Tractor Wheels: bolt in centres
Rim sizes from 18" x 54"

Dual Wheels
Fitment for both weld in and bolt in type wheels available to suit all sizes of rims.